San Juan Island Sailing Charters, San Juan Island Sail Charter. Sailing tours aboard classic windjammers. Sail the San Juan Islands from Friday Harbor aboard an historic wooden sailboat. Friday Harbor sail charters.

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San Juan Island Sailing Charters, Sail the San Juan Islands departing from Friday Harbor. Book Your San Juan Sailing Cruise and Sailing Adventure

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San Juan Island Sailing Charter

From 1/2 day sailing charters to multi-day sailing adventures, let Schooners North custom tailor your perfect sailing trip.

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San Juan Islands Sailing Charters, Sailing out of Friday Harbor. Sail into history and adventure in the San Juan Islands

Schooners North Sailing Charters in the San Juan Islands


Sailing aboard our traditionally gaff-rigged vessels engages your senses and takes you to another place in time, a time away from a busy world.

The experience and the ship are filled with the history, adventure and romance of a by-gone day. Close your eyes and you'll hear the wind in the rigging and the water against a wooden hull, smell and taste the fresh salt air, and feel the gentle motion of the boat as she glides through the sea. These sensations have been shared amongst seafarers since the dawn of sail.

Our sails all depart from Friday Harbor, Washington, USA, and return to the same port. Our office is located at the corner of Spring and Front Streets, next to the Cask and Schooner Restaurant. Inquiries should be directed to or 360-378-2224.

San Juan Island Sail Charters. Sail the San Juan Islands in a classic wooden schooner.

The San Juan Islands were voted the #2 destination IN THE WORLD by the New York Times and there’s no better view of the magnificent San Juan Archipelago and surrounding Salish Sea, than from the deck of our classic wooden sailboat. Help sail the ship or relax and let our friendly and experienced crew do the work. Book Your Sail Charter Now.

San Juan Sailing

The San Juan Islands are a sightseeing wonderland, birding, orcas, whales and bald eagles are just some of the wilflife.

As we sail the channels and visit the quiet bays and inlets, with breath taking scenery in all directions, we’ll be sharing the waters with orcas, otters, seals and porpoises as well as a plethora of other sea life and aquatic birds. Learn about our fascinating local wildlife from our on-board naturalists.

san juan islands sail charters sailing the san juan islands

Experience the rich history of the San Juan Islands on a sail charter from Friday Harbor.

The San Juans have a fascinating history, from their original inhabitants to the islands’ discovery by European explorers. From the Pig War of the 1800’s to the rum-runners of the last century. On a San Juan sail charter you’ll be plying the waters of history.

san juan islands sail charters sailing the san juan islands

Choose to make our boat and our crew your boat and your crew, for the day, for several hours or for as long as you'd like.

We can accommodate up to 28 guests during the day and 6 overnight. Create your dream with the Spike Africa, a classic sailing vessel.

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san juan islands sail charters sailing the san juan islands

Our mission is to ensure your sailing voyage is perfect

san juan islands sail charters sailing the san juan islands

Our experienced and friendly crew is dedicated to making your experience on the water the best that it can be. Plan a sail through the San Juan Islands and the Salish Sea.

Spike Africa seen from the deck and views of the galley