More than Just a Scenic Destination: Sailing the San Juan Islands

Need some ideas for your next family getaway? Visit the San Juan Islands, an Eden tucked away in the northwest. The county population here is around 15,000, and the top industries are in tourism, hospitality, and retail, among many others. The port of entry for most island visitors is Friday Harbor on the east side of San Juan Island. Denoted as an extremely livable town, it is proudly ranked within the top cities in Washington State in terms of amenities, safety, and more.

A Feast for the Senses

Temperatures during the summer and fall are just right for traveling, with the cool breezes blowing in from the sea day and night. The local seafood offerings provide a gastronomic feast for locals and visitors alike. You can sample the freshest catch of day from nearby Friday Harbor restaurants, such as the Cask and Schooner. Among the most delectable dishes on the menu include halibut, salmon, calamari, oysters, and clams. Have your fill and pair those meals with high-quality wines from local suppliers.

Escape from All Your Worries and Go Sailing in the San Juan Islands

Things to Do

The harbor serves as an epicenter of activity for seafarers and traders, and getting around by boat is a common thing. But for those who want intimate, private gatherings, and even weddings while at sea, booking a schooner and sailing the San Juan Islands is one-of-a-kind retreat that everyone will enjoy.

Sail off for a few hours and get away from it all. Warm your skin under the sun as you sit atop the deck of your classic wooden schooner. Get to see from a distance some picturesque smaller islands like Yellow Island, Spieden Island, and the Jones Island, which is considered as a state park. All the islands are lush natural sanctuaries and home to numerous species of wild flowers, aquatic birds, birds of prey, deer, and so much more.

Here’s another highlight in the San Juan Islands — whale watching. The Haro Strait along the western end of the archipelago is teeming with marine wildlife, and  these giants are the stars of the show. They travel in pods most months of the year, and they can be viewed from high points and peaks on the island. However, for the ultimate experience, it’s best to watch the orcas, greys, and minke whales while aboard a boat.

To truly make the most of your San Juan Islands holiday, it’s highly recommended that you book your private charters with the trusted folks in the business, such as Schooners North. They have sailed across these waters for years, and know each waterway like the back of their hands. Plus, their schooner has full amenities for your utmost comfort and convenience. Call them today, and schedule your next family expedition to a paradise on earth.


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