The Ultimate Guide to an Unforgettable Vacation at San Juan Island with Private Boat Charters

An island holiday is the dream of many people due to its relaxing and laid-back setting. The San Juan Islands is one of the top vacation destinations for many people in the United States. In 2015, the San Juan Islands were named as one of Martha Stewart’s “7 Honeymoon-worthy Islands that Don’t Require a Passport” and in 2016, Fox News called the islands as one of America’s Best Archipelagos.

The San Juan archipelago is situated in the northwest portion of the United States. This geographical location provides the islands with ample amount of sun, perfect for a vacation and weekend getaway. They are located in a rain-shadow cast by the Olympic Mountains and Vancouver Island, so even if it is cloudy it doesn’t mean rain.  For those who haven’t had the pleasure of visiting the San Juan Islands, here are some of the must-see attractions along with tips to have an utterly relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

San Juan Island Boat Charters: The Right Path to a Relaxing Vacation

Whale Watching

The San Juan Islands is one of the best spots to see orcas or killer whales in the wild, as seconded by the Los Angeles Times and The reason for this is because the chances for you to see orcas in the water are quite high all year round (although late Spring and into the Fall are the best times). Hop on a private charter and let it take you to the ocean where you will meet the one of the world’s most powerful marine life.

Some preparations are needed to ensure you have an enjoyable experience. Typically, the ocean is 10 to 15 degrees cooler than the land and that holds true of the Salish Sea. Bring a weather-proof jacket to shield your body from the wind, temperature, and the occasional shower or splashes from the water. Instead of a hat, pack a jacket with a hood attached to it to prevent it from blowing away.

It’s advised to wear rubber-soled, comfortable shoes aboard. They will help you maneuver easier and prevent slipping. Wearing sunscreen and sunglasses are also advisable for your convenience as much light is reflected off the water.

Island Hopping

San Juan Island is only one of the islands in the San Juan archipelago. There are two more major islands that are worth a visit: Orcas Island and Lopez Island. Visiting all three spots is the best thing you can do to fully experience the San Juan archipelago.

If you are looking for some outdoor fun, Orcas Island is perfect for you. There, you can go camping, biking, and fishing. The island is also home to several crystal-clear lakes and some of the most talented potters in the country. Lopez Island is the place to go for the chance to see rare, exotic birds. But if you love doing activities that are more urban-centered such as viewing an art gallery and historical museums, spend some time at San Juan Island. Friday Harbor hosts the famous Whale Museum and San Juan Historical Museum.

The Secret to Relaxation

It may surprise you, but the secret to relaxation is a little bit of organization. Since there are so many things to see and do during a vacation, it will be helpful to set a loose itinerary. Research the things that especially appeal to you, such as whale watching and island hopping, and give yourself the freedom to explore without any time constraint.

If you are going with family and friends, going for private charters is a wonderful idea. Get off your phone while you are aboard, and enjoy traveling and conversing with your travel buddy. Lost human connection is one of the things that subtly increases stress in our daily life, and an intimate vacation can be the remedy. Book your trip to the San Juan Islands aboard private boat charters now!



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