Burial at Sea

Many who feel close to nature in this life are requesting an end-of-life burial at sea. For those who love the dramatic beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the San Juan Islands afford an ideal destination for honoring such a request.


Our historic schooner, SPIKE AFRICA, is a majestic vessel with a deep, rich history that speaks calmly from her elegant lines, and her harmony with the sea.  She is the perfect conveyance to the waters of Haro Strait, which is west of San Juan Island. There are few environments that can be found that bring a sense of peace and harmony with life like the quit deck of a ship under sail. A perfect place and time to honor your loved one with a burial at sea ceremony.



The staff and crew from Schooners North realize that this may be a very sensitive time for all concerned.  We will do our very best to make this a positive experience for all. We are happy to take whatever time is required to fulfill your ceremonial wishes. We understand the need for careful planning in this circumstance and are prepared to spend whatever time is required and to pay close attention to the specific needs of your group.

Haro Straights gives us an ideal location for a ceremony. It lies between the dynamic forested hills of San Juan Island and Victoria, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. Overlooking all is the majestic snow capped Olympic mountain range on the Olympic Peninsula. A quite magic place.



The US government has strict regulations regarding where and when a burial at sea can take place.  Having provided this service for a number of years, we can assist you with all the necessary permit process so you do not have worry about missing any required paperwork.  We can also help you with any accommodations you and your guests may require while you are on San Juan Island. Friday Harbor is home port for Schooners North.

Schooner SPIKE AFRICA can accommodate up to 28 well-wishers for the ceremony whether it is solemn or a celebration.  If desired, excellent catering can be provided by the Cask and Schooner Restaurant, one of Friday Harbor’s premier restaurants.

Although our home port is Friday Harbor, arrangements can be made to set sail from other ports such as historic Port Townsend, WA, or even Victoria, BC.

Friday Harbor is accessible by air from Seattle as well as by ferry from Anacortes.


Feel free to contact our office for more information.  Call 360-378-2224