Create your own dream cruise.
On your private charter, you decide where we sail and when.



Imagine a sailboat charter where your private yacht is the beautifully restored, wooden schooner Spike Africa. She is the last of her kind  …a”tall ship” ….a one-time working freighting-schooner that served ports up and down the west coast of the United States.

At 80 feet long, Spike Africa is a celebrity in her own right…a wooden design in an age of fiberglass.

In her career Spike Africa has been pictured in magazines such as Vogue, Time, Wooden Boat and the Land’s End catalogue.   You’ve seen her in TV shows.  You saw her crewed by Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in “Joe vs. the Volcano.”

And she is standing by to carry you and your guests on a custom-designed, unforgettable adventure.

Her home is Friday Harbor, a remote village in the famous San Juan Islands of Washington State.  But, she can meet you wherever you like.  The inland waterway of Puget Sound gives her access to the world, from Seattle to Victoria BC., to Alaska or Hawaii.   She’s been there before.  She and her seasoned crew will inspire to you create the cruise most people only dream of.

From a simple over-night… to a year long voyage.

Her 7-year restoration is complete.

Spike Africa is ready for you.

For more helpful information about private or public cruises, contact the staff at Schooners North at 360-378-2224.


Days can be spent sailing or, when we find a special cove, laying over for the day to relax, fish, sail our small boards, gather oysters, catch crabs, discover the local wildlife, or lay in the sun on the beach.  Camping is an option in many spectacular coves.


If you choose to sail north, we can focus the cruises on the San Juan Islands and the Canadian Gulf Islands. Going further north, Desolation Sound and Princess Lousia Inlet are spectacular options.


Evenings can be spent, either in quiet coves at anchor, docking in small harbors for “local color” or an evening in Vancouver, Victoria, Bellingham or other towns. If you choose to sail south, the entire Puget sound is open for exploration. this is a more developed area, with small and large towns; quieter bays and inlets; and historic maritime harbors (i.e. Port Townsend, Port Hadlock, etc.).

Adveturers aboard Spike AfricaSpike_Africa_interior3
Southern route could also include the Straights of Juan De Fuca, Victoria, Port Angeles, and much more.

Spike_Africa_at_seaThese unforgettable sails can be a single night in a sheltered cove to a year-long adventure. From the local straights and bays, to Alaska, Hawaii or almost anywhere.


We are happy to spend time working with you to design your perfect cruise according to your preferences.

Let us help you make your dream come true!

Contact our friendly staff for more information at 360-378-2224.


Dates Available Private Voyage Description Price
May – October 1/2 Day (3 hours) up to 10 people $800
May – October 1/2 Day (3 hours) 11 to 28 people $1000
May – October Full Day (6 hours) up to 10 people $1500
May – October Full Day (6 hours) 11 to 28 people $1800
May – October 2 Hour Private Evening Sail (up to 10 people) $600
May – October 2 Hour Private Evening Sail (11 to 28 people) $800
May – October Private Overnight Sail – up to 6 people $2250
May – October Private Overnight Sail – 7 to 10 people $3000
May – October Private Multiple Day Sail Contact office