Orca Quest and Wildlife Adventure

Schooners North offers you an entirely different whale watching experience in the San Juan Islands. Rather than a typical race out to the straits to find whales then a race back to the harbor.

Our “Orca  Quest” is a day-long voyage where we encounter all of the local wildlife.  Seal, sea lions, dolphin, eagle and more.  And of course, Orca whale and Grey whale…and even Humpback whale live in the surrounding Salish Sea for the summer months.  Each cruise is an adventure.  You never know what you’ll see next.

Plus, you’ll experience traditional sailing and the century’s old lure of the sea.  From the deck of an historic schooner is the best way  to experience the all-encompassing beauty of the San Juan Islands and the Salish Sea.



You’ll board our historic wooden Schooner SPIKE AFRICA for an all day adventure.  Once we’re out of the harbor, we will be under gaff rigged sails and the “schooner magic” begins.  The rippling of wind-filled sails has been a beckoning  call to travelers for millennia.  The effect it has on the human spirit cannot be described.  On Spike Africa the able-bodied may assist.  All will learn about “tall Ship” sailing.

SPIKE AFRICA was originally built as a freighting vessel. As we sail towards the Haro straights you’ll be experiencing the deck activity and sailing methods of the days of traditional commercial sail.  As mentioned, if you’re inspired you may join-in in setting sails, hauling lines or even try your hand at the helm.  Or may choose to just relax on deck in the sunshine. Our crew is friendly, informative and there to see that you have a great experience.


A wildlife cruise aboard a sailing vessel is the least intrusive way to view animal behavior and interaction. The Schooner under sail is close to silent and causes fewer disturbances of the animals and birds that we are trying to protect and enjoy. The marine wildlife, and the local and migratory birds and terrestrial wildlife that are all along our shores are all less affected by our presence under sail which gives sailing craft a much better chance of witnessing their wild behavior.

The San Juan Islands are host to many species of shore and sea birds, including large numbers of our iconic Bald Eagle. The seas are alive with porpoises, seals, otters and Grey whales, Humpback and Orca whales.  Our on-board naturalist will be there to answer questions and make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Schooners North’s “Orca and Wildlife Quest” is an educational adventure for all.  There is an on-board Wildlife Class for kids to help them spot the amazing things all around us.





Silently moving in the wildlife’s environment offers some spectacular opportunities for your photographic interests.


Silently moving in the wildlife’s environment offers some spectacular opportunities for your photographic interests. These islands and waters that we travel through on our adventures, and the wildlife that inhabit them, offer spectacular natural opportunities for your photographs. The light on these waters and the background of glacial peaks and fir tree cloaked coves make your good photos great.

Join us on an a full-day “Orca & Wildlife Quest” for an encounter with all the amazing scenery and wildlife of the San Juan Islands.

Contact our friendly staff for more information at 360-378-2224.

We have an association with one of the finest restaurants in Friday Harbor, Cask and Schooner. They can help you with lunch and drinks. Delivered to the Schooner. Let us know and we can put in touch with them.

Complimentary hot beverages (tea, coffee, and hot chocolate) are provided

Call 360-378-2224 for more information.